Brent currently lives in the St. Louis Metro area with his wife and three children.  Brent made his home in Cape Girardeau for around 5 years before making the decision to move closer to where he grew up.

Brent has been involved in project management and support for 13 years.  Most of his experience comes from fields such as construction, manufacturing, and his time in the military.

Although he has only been in IT for 3 years, he doesn’t view that as a weakness.  Brent feels that having experience in areas outside of IT helps him relate to the needs of customers from varying backgrounds.

Brent’s military experience has taught him that details matter.  Whether it was stomping around the countryside in Afghanistan, or at his home base being Crew Chief on a munitions build, he has learned to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.  He believes taking care of the details is what carries you through potential challenges and makes them easier to overcome.