Website Design

Your website design is the first thing everyone sees when they visit your site and first impressions can be everything. At Max Impact Development we work to produce cutting edge, attractive designs that will engage your visitors and keep them on your site and working towards your conversion goals.

Website design not only includes the graphical appearance of your site, but it includes the organizational structure, also known as the sitemap. the sitemap and navigational design will help make the site easy to use and understand. Each page and section on your site will be given consideration about how it can have the best impact on your customers.

Design Options

There are two different options Max Impact offers:

Full Custom Design

A fully custom design, where you get to choose exactly the look and feel of your site and work directly with a design team.

Templated Design

You get to choose from a variety of templates that are pre-built, but can be customized in a limited fashion. This can be more timely and cost effective, but you will not have quite as much freedom as the full custom option.